The Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led planning framework for guiding the future development, regeneration and conservation of Frodsham. Every Neighbourhood Plan will be part of the statutory plan for Frodsham once it is accepted; it is a legal document which must be considered for any planning application.

The Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan is developed from the views of the community, it is your plan about the future of your town. The plan sets criteria for any future development in Frodsham.

Frodsham Town Council tasked the Steering Group to manage the process of producing the plan through a regulated process which has several mandatory stages (see below). The Steering Group is independent and are tasked with engaging and consulting with the community to research what the community wants for the future.

The Steering Group will draft planning policies based on this information, which will be reviewed by the community before being finalised.
Neighbourhood Plans are a nation – wide initiative. All Neighbourhood Plans focus on future local land use; they cannot change anything that is set in national policy such as fracking, wind farms or highways.

The plan sets out what the people involved with Frodsham want the town to look like in the future. It will identify what we love and what we value about our town, what we want to keep, and what future development we want in Frodsham.


There are six stages in developing the plan…


Getting Organised

A team of volunteers oversee the process, the Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. They meet regularly and organise information and events.


Talking To Frodsham

The community will be regularly consulted by various means to find out what people think about Frodsham and what they want to see in the future.


Getting Evidence

Evidence will be gathered to support the Plan, it may be from national policies, local surveys and events or statistics.


Drafting The Plan

A plan is drafted and sent for external independent examination.


Testing The Water

The draft plan is put to a referendum in Frodsham, and needs to be agreed by the community.


Job Done!

When the referendum approves the Plan, it is ‘made’. This means it becomes a legal document that any planning application needs to comply with before it can be passed.