Spirit of Frodsham

What makes Frodsham such a ‘special’ place for you?

Please send your images, poems, drawings, recordings, videos, YouTube clips and any other ideas to: frodshamplan@gmail.com



Image of Castle Park House in Watercolour and Pen by Helena Mullholland 


Our meetings with 4th Frodsham Scouts – Overton (left), The 3rd Frodsham Brownies (centre) and the 2nd Frodsham Guides (right) – who have helped us with the FNP.


© Niell Binns

Thanks to Neill Binns for sending us these lovely photographs of Delamere and Weaver Bridge


The Frodsham Players recently celebrated their 75th Anniversary.

Our New Look Morrison’s – August 2018


Frodsham Main Street (Acrylic) painted by John Gallon