What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

It is a plan which shapes the future development of your town. Thanks to ideas from local people, businesses and organisations we have a draft plan which covers 4 areas.


Where, what, and how future developments should look. We want to make sure that housing suits those who need it and blends with our beautiful, historic town.

Economic Development

We want Frodsham’s businesses to thrive, locals to enjoy their shopping experience and visitors to spend time here.

Green Spaces, Recreation & Leisure:

Let’s make sure that our green spaces stay green and we can all enjoy a variety of activities as part of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Easy movement & Access:

Improving cycling and walking routes will help us to reduce the amount we use cars around Frodsham.
UpdateThe statutory 6-week consultation on the draft Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan is now closed. Thank you to all those who gave feedback online, via email or came to see us at one of our events. All your feedback has been reviewed and considered and the draft plan has been updated and sent to CWaC for the next stage...

What happens next?

Notice of Publication of the Frodsham Neighbourhood PlanA neighbourhood plan has been proposed for the Frodsham neighbourhood area by Frodsham Town Parish Council which aims to give local people a greater say about future development in the area. The proposed plan sets out a number of key objectives and policies to be used when determining planning applications.
The proposed plan has now been submitted to Cheshire West and Chester Council and a period of publicity will take place between Thursday 2 May and 5pm on Friday 14 June 2024. During this time, any interested parties can make comments on the proposed plan and accompanying documents. Following the publicity period, an independent Examiner will be appointed who will consider the proposed plan and any comments made. If you would like to see a copy of the proposed neighbourhood plan and supporting documents, please go to the neighbourhood planning page of the Cheshire West and Chester Council website at

The full Notice and Compliance Letter can be vied on the FTC website by following the link <here>.

Once the Plan has been examined, Cheshire West and Chester Council will arrange a local referendum giving you a chance to vote yes or no to the Plan.

If the vote is positive, the Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan is then “made” and becomes part of planning law.

images Please note that future statutory stages of consultation on the neighbourhood plan will be undertaken by Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC). If you would like to be kept informed about future stages, please click here to email CWaC and request to be added to the consultation database for the Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan